Messy Daddies

We get lots and lots of messy daddies through our paint splattered doors and wanted to take a little moment to recognise the fab free playing that they do with their gorgeous little monkeys each week!

Dads often comment to us how easy it is to play alongside their children through messy play in a super relaxed environment like Messy Monkeys. Getting stuck in and showing your creative side is all part of the Messy Monkey experience – the classes work so well because the parents attending are super enthusiastic and happy to liberate themselves from their normal clean and tidy standards for an hour or so for the greater good of messy play!  2014-12-12 10.01.03


“It’s great to be seeing him play and be able to join him in his exploration of the world – we love sharing the time together. I wish there was a wash tub my size at the end though!”






In a time where (hooray!) the daily tasks involved with raising confident, happy, inquisitive children are split between both parents we’re delighted to welcome so many Dads to our sessions.



“I was delighted to find Messy Monkeys so welcoming – I’ve been to a few groups and can definitely recommend Messy Monkeys as a non cliquey, twee free zone!”





Hooray for Messy Dads (and Mums, Grannies, Childminders etc!) everywhere helping with their children’s messy scientific exploration of the world around them!

Keep up the good work!



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