Q: Do you offer taster sessions?

A: We don’t usually offer taster sessions because we have limited numbers at the sessions and so it is tricky to add people in when the groups are full.  If a term is up and running and sessions aren’t fully booked then you may be able to attend a one off session at the discretion of the group leader.  Please note though that we do find that often little monkeys need a couple of weeks to really settle into messy play – sometimes in week 1 they can be a little overwhelmed but by week 2 they have relaxed into enjoying exploring and for that reason a taster session might not give a fair reflection of how they’d enjoy the full term!

Q: How do I know if my child will enjoy Messy Play?

A: The short answer to this is that you won’t know until you come and try it!

Messy Play is not for every child, or every parent. Everyone has their own comfort zones regarding mess and babies will pick up on your worries if you aren’t relaxed in a messy environment.

It is important that you consider the timing of the session and ensure that your baby has had enough food and sleep before the session in order that he/she gets the most out of it. Messy Monkeys is very stimulating for a young child and so please try and avoid any other activities straight before they come to us!

Q: What is a toddler?

A: We have lots of people asking if their child counts as a toddler! We can’t put an age on it as it depends wholly on the child in question. however the toddler classes are for children who are walking up until they are sick of getting messy – usually about 3 and a half when they fancy doing something a bit more focussed and can move on to our Messy Science classes.

Q: I’d love to bring my 2 year old to the Toddler Sessions – can I bring his baby sister too?

A: Younger siblings are very welcome at the sessions and if they are tiny babes in arms then we won’t charge you to bring them along. However we will ask you to pay once your baby is able to take part in the session and wants to get involved in using the craft materials etc.

Q: I’d love to bring my 5 year old to the Messy Science Sessions – can I bring his baby sister too?

A: Younger siblings are very welcome at the Messy Science sessions and if they’re just littlies then we won’t charge you to bring them along. However we will ask you to pay once your child is able to take part in the session and wants to get involved in using the craft materials etc… so if you’ve a 3 year old who would like to take part too sign them up as well!

Q: What about twins?

A: We have had a number of people attending with their twins – twice the fun and twice the mess! Toddlers are very happy messing about without too much supervision but for babies it is easier if you have a second pair of hands to help, especially when your little monkeys are on the move! Messy babies do like to explore with their mouths as well as their hands so it is important that you are able to pay close attention to what both of your children are exploring!

Q: Do you offer any discounts for siblings attending?

A: If you are bringing siblings to Messy Monkeys we offer a reduced rate for the second child; one child will pay full price, whilst the second receives a reduction of 1/3rd.which means you’ll have the double the fun but not double the price!

Q: I’m coming during the school holidays but haven’t got childcare for my older child… can I bring them along?

A: We are very careful to ensure that we don’t overbook sessions as it can be intimidating for the little ones if the venue feels too crowded, and for this reason, unfortunately, we ask that primary aged older brothers and sisters not come along if the group is fully booked… check with your group leader though as if it’s a quiet session they might be able to accommodate you! Once siblings are a bit older and in secondary school they can come as grown up helpers!

Q: What if I can’t attend all the term’s sessions – do I get some money back?

A: Unfortunately because we have to purchase materials and book venues in advance we cannot offer refunds for missed Messy Monkeys sessions.

Q: What if Messy Monkeys cancel a session – do I get some money back?

A: Of course. If the session is cancelled by us we will either try to rearrange the session or refund you in full – whichever is preferable at the time. We will take your mobile number upon registration and text you as soon as we know that the session will not go ahead to save you an unnecessary journey.

Q: What should we bring to the sessions?

A: You will need to bring spare clothes and a towel with you, other than that just your enthusiasm and a relaxed attitude to mess!

Q: What should the little monkeys wear?

A: Babies will be fine in an old vests and nappies but feel free to bring an old pair of trousers if you want to cover up their little legs. Toddlers are welcome to wear an old t-shirt and pants/nappies but again, old trousers will be a good idea for those who wish to remain fully covered up! We try our very best to ensure that we use materials that won’t stain however we can’t promise that your child’s beautiful, white, linen trousers will survive a Messy Monkeys session so old clothes only please! Children will be bare foot so don’t worry about old socks or shoes.

Q: What should the Grown-ups wear?

A: We advise that you wear old clothes too. There are toilets on site so if you need to get changed before and/or after you can do so – we will be more than happy to look after you child while you are doing so. We want you to have fun with your child so don’t want you to worry about getting splashed or glooped in the process!

Q: Who are the owners of Messy Monkeys?

A: Lucy is our Ireland Ambassador and owns the first franchise of Messy Monkeys Ireland.  Helen Symonds and Karen Chapman own and run Messy Monkey HQ. Find out more about us.

Q: What if I don’t want to pay online for the sessions?

A: There are several payment options available to you

  • Paypal – our connection to Paypal offers a secure and straightforward way to pay online.
  • Bank Transfer – if you bank online, you can quickly transfer payment from your bank to ours.
  • Cash/cheque – If you already attend Messy Monkeys, you can pay for subsequent terms in person at the venue, or you can post/drop off payment at the venue co-ordinator’s house.

*Please note that payment must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to the start of the term in order to confirm your place.