Join the team

Fancy running your own Messy Monkeys group?

Our experience has proven that it’s loads of fun and extremely rewarding – a super way to earn while still being a super parent!

We’ve spent the last few years meticulously planning out the perfect way for the little monkeys to enjoy messy play at its messiest and we think we have it cracked. We’ve had well over 2000 monkeys through our paint splattered doors since 2010 and we’ve created a sustainable and rewarding business.

One of our franchisees Lauren Rowling told us….’After taking the plunge and sending an enquiry email to Messy Monkeys I was feeling quite dubious about what the response would be, having enquired to a couple of franchises before. I was delighted when I heard from both Karen and Helen, who I warmed to immediately even through the medium of email, and I must say that my mind was made up right away that I would have to try my best to become a part of the Messy Monkey’s franchise. All that I needed to know was whether I could make it work financially and no matter what or how much I asked of them, Karen and Helen were extremely helpful, supportive and friendly. They allowed me plenty of time to carry out as much research as I needed to and did not pressurise me, which strengthened my trust in them and the franchise.’

Another franchisee demonstrates how it has worked for her… “I started out running 2 classes in the Gateshead area and a year on I’ve now got 5 classes, most of which are oversubscribed!  I take my daughter to work with me and manage a lot of the admin after she is asleep – I love the balance Messy Monkeys gives me and am loving earning my own money too!”

We would LOVE to share the magic of Messy Monkeys throughout the land and are offering you the chance to join our team.

As a franchisee you can expect all the advice and support you need to help you establish your own group, including assistance with securing a venue, recruiting monkeys, online payment administration and of course, insurance, health & safety and legal issues.

A Messy Monkeys franchise offers you the opportunity to earn money without spending time away from your little ones.

If you like the sound of a flexible job that gives you and your children the freedom to enjoy your time together then a Messy Monkeys franchise might be just thing you’re looking for. Below are the sorts of things needed to make Messy Monkeys work for you…

  • Have you got endless enthusiasm and an ability to maintain a smile even when covered in jelly and custard?
  • Do you own a washing machine and are you prepared to wash copious amounts of sheets, towels and flannels every week?
  • Do you own a vehicle with a big boot?
  • Do you have access to a computer and the internet?
  • Do you have space in your house to store boxes of sand, tubs of paint and stacks of card?
  • Are you fit and healthy? (It is quite hard work sweeping up mountains of cornflakes!)
We will also ensure that you have everything you need to get started with your Messy Play group:

    • 500 flyers and car graphics to kick start your marketing campaign
    • Everything you need to get started – a huge resource pack of over 180 items including your wipe clean flooring, sand and gloop trays, your all important bath tubs and your very own ’Messy Monkey’!
    • Session plans and resource lists for your first year – this includes details of more than 80 themed sessions, the materials you’ll need and where to source them.
    • An easy to use online space to promote your local sessions and process bookings which is linked to an online payment facility making your region’s administration secure and straightforward.

  • It goes without saying that we’ll offer you comprehensive and personalised training to make sure you can enjoy being a Messy Monkey group leader as much as we do. As a franchisee you will become a new and valued member of ‘team monkey’; we will be at the end of a phone if you ever need us, no matter how tiny the issue might be, to provide support, advice and a friendly ear.

If you are interested then please get in touch… please note that Hotmail can be a bit over-active in it’s spam filtering so please ensure you ‘unspam’ us to get a speedy response when you Contact Us.